NewTown might not be as famous as other casino brands above, but it is definitely one of the top-rated online casino products in Malaysia. Having offered both live casino games and online slot games with high progressive jackpots, LeoCity88 has slowly become the favorite casino games of all.

Newtown Casino Malaysia

Whenever anyone think of online casino live dealer game, Newtown casino would eventually be the online platform that you can associate it with. Given the strong reputation in the online casino Malaysia industry, Newtown casino is the best platform for any kind of online bets. Many casino players put trust in this online casino due to the long history of established and dependable online platform. Newtown casino is the online casino that provide hassle free betting for all types of casino players. Given the strong competition in the online casino industry, Newtown casino remain as one of the top sites while beating other online casinos in the race to the top.

Live Dealer Games

Basically there are no other live dealer platform that would be better than the Newtown casino. Ever since that launch of live dealer games in Newtown casino, many casino players has been actively signing up to the live dealer games in this online platform. Many land casino players have also found Newtown casino to be the alternative to replace their live dealer betting in the land casino. Some of the most well-known live dealer games that you may find in the Newtown casino would include blackjack, roulette, sic bo, baccarat, etc. The live dealer games in Newtown casino are definitely much better than the actual land casino live dealer games. Gone are the day where casino players need to wait for their turn to play the casino table games in a crowded casino. By betting in Newtown casino, casino players are able to enjoy live dealer games anytime anywhere without any limitation.

Online Slot Games

Besides live dealer game, Newtown casino also has a wide variety of online slot games for casino players to choose from. With more than 100 types of online slot games available, casino players can bet with the best online slot game that will suit their betting styles. Place your bet with Newtown casino today and gain access to some of the hottest slot game such as White King, Samba Brazil, Monkey Thunderbolt, Highway Kings, King Derby, Hot Gems, etc.

Easy-to-use Mobile Platform

All casino games in Newtown casino can be access through the player’s desktop. With the advancement of technology, all Newtown casino games can now be access through the Android mobile platform. Not only that the casino players get to enjoy all types of online slot games on their mobile devices, the live dealer games are also readily available in the mobile platform as well. Gone are the days where you need to stick to the computer screen to enjoy playing casino games. Betting in the mobile casino is much more convenient and everyone can have easy access to it. Place your bet with Newtown casino today and be the biggest casino winner now.


Terms and Conditions:

1. 711win is giving away RM10 FREE MERDEKA BONUS for every existing member’s deposit transactions with a minimum deposit amount of RM30.
2. No maximum bonus payout, One day can claim one time until 31st august 2021
3. Participant is required to achieve certain rollover requirements before his/her withdrawal request is approved, of which the said requirements are set out as below:

Bonus Payout : RM10
Minimum Withdrawal : RM50