Rollex might not be as famous as other casino brands above, but it is definitely one of the top-rated online casino products in Malaysia. Having offered both live casino games and online slot games with high progressive jackpots, LeoCity88 has slowly become the favourite casino games of all.

Rollex Casino is Your Best Choice

Thinking which casino product can bring you the biggest fortune? Rollex Casino could be your answer. Rollex is one of the oldest brands for online live casino games in Malaysia. Rollex has earned its great reputation along the way, primarily leveraging on the fame of Playtech, which is in turn the largest casino game supplier in the world. People have confidence towards its casino games because it has been proven to be reliable and credible. Its payout algorithms are arrived on the basis of fairness and transparency. This is also in line with the international responsible gaming policy to safeguard the public interests

Specialized Online Live Casino Games

Most of the people prefer to play online live casino games in Malaysia. This could be influenced by the popularity of the only licensed land-based casino in Malaysia – Genting Highlands. Nowadays, people would rather stay at home to play live casino games. As such, Rollex serves as one of the most convenient online betting platform for players to enjoy as much as playing at Genting Casino. It offers some of the most popular live casino games, including Baccarat, Roulette, BlackJack, and Sicbo. All these casino games are broadcasted from real casino operating in Manilla, Philippines. Why would you go land-base casino when you can actually bet with your computers or even mobile devices?

Great Variety of Online Slot Games

Some of you might not know that Rollex actually offers a wide variety of popular online slot games that would really impress you. Backed by the largest casino game supplier, there are more than 300 interesting slot games for all players to test their luck. We all know that one of the best parts of playing slot games is that you can probably grab away up to millions ringgit winning payout with just a small bet of few dollars. This could be your time to change your life outright, and who know?

Endless Fun at Your PC and Smartphones

Despite the fact that Rollex does not support IOS operating system for its casino games, it can be played at either desktop or Android smartphones. Its download version brings greater game speed as well as screen resolution to entertain its players. Meanwhile, I have never seen another product with such graphic design as great as Rollex.  It is perfectly designed to suit the purpose for all kind of players, be it professional or amateur. Imagine that now you can enjoy all the top-rated slot games at your doorstep, and stand a chance to win away super high progressive jackpots!


Terms and Conditions:

1. 711win is giving away RM10 FREE MERDEKA BONUS for every existing member’s deposit transactions with a minimum deposit amount of RM30.
2. No maximum bonus payout, One day can claim one time until 31st august 2021
3. Participant is required to achieve certain rollover requirements before his/her withdrawal request is approved, of which the said requirements are set out as below:

Bonus Payout : RM10
Minimum Withdrawal : RM50