About Us

Be spoiled for choice at 7elevenbet, one of Asia’s leading online casinos with limitless entertainment options. Exciting casino games await you and with just a little bit of luck, you could lay claim to incredible winnings!

Packed to the brim with exciting casino games, 7elevenbet allows players easy and immediate access to its online platform from anywhere and at any time. You can indulge in classic card games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat, or try your luck on our classic or progressive slot machines, or even amp up the excitement with a thrilling game of Roulette and so much more. It won’t be long before you discover that 7elevenbet doesn’t just offer the best online casino gaming environment to match your needs, but also provides top-of-the-range services to create a memorable user experience that will leave you wanting more.

Experienced Team
Our founding team is composed of veteran industry experts who are well versed in the knowledge of online casino players’ requirements and expectations. Our dedicated and motivated staff have collectively combined their many years of operating experience in the online casino industry to provide you with the best service.

We are uncompromising in choosing only the best for our IT technology and market operations teams in order to provide you with an outstanding experience. Additionally, we regularly provide our teams with business trainings and diligently stay up to date with the latest network changes. We guarantee your ultimate satisfaction with our extensive variety of game selections.

Gambling Environment
For your convenience and enjoyment, we use a turn-based betting platform. All you will need to do is register an account with us at 7elevenbet to unlock exclusive access to all our high-quality entertainment products. We are committed to providing a safe, honest, and reliable gaming environment to ensure unbiased and first-class service for all our customers.

7elevenbet offers a wide range of casino games to cater to any user’s personal preference. With eight exciting and different online environments for live casino games, sports betting, slot games (slot machines), online games and more, there is definitely something for everyone!

Service Policy
Customer satisfaction is one of our utmost priorities, which is why all 7elevenbet employees are well trained to ensure that they will provide customers with the highest possible quality of service to meet all needs. Our attentive and knowledgeable customer service team provides an efficient service that comes with a personal touch and we are always ready to answer any questions you may have, at any time.

Development Mission
As part of our business philosophy, we aim to reform, innovate, and revolutionize the interactive online gaming industry. We are highly driven to provide the best gaming experience for all our sports betting and online betting customers, thereby enabling 7elevenbet to also reach its full business potential and lead at the forefront of the industry.


Terms and Conditions:

1. 711win is giving away RM10 FREE MERDEKA BONUS for every existing member’s deposit transactions with a minimum deposit amount of RM30.
2. No maximum bonus payout, One day can claim one time until 31st august 2021
3. Participant is required to achieve certain rollover requirements before his/her withdrawal request is approved, of which the said requirements are set out as below:

Bonus Payout : RM10
Minimum Withdrawal : RM50